Stumpy Steve’s Osseo Tools (black)

Buy one for $35, or any 3 for $90 - Purchase using NDIS funds in Core Supports budget.


Stumpy Steve Osseo tools can be used for below and above knee Osseointegration.

“Stumpy Steve Osseo Tools” are especially designed for ease of use with Osseointegration, they are available in a 4mm and 8mm for the older Osseo fittings and 5mm and 8mm for newer fittings.”

All Tools have a 5 year warranty.


“Stumpy Steve Osseo Tools” have been designed by Roger himself (Founder and CEO of Ability To Ride Worldwide). Roger is a below knee Osseointegration amputee and has designed the tools to be available in three of his favourite colours ORANGE, WHITE & BLACK.

“Stumpy Steve Osseo Tools” are especially designed for ease of use, with below knee and above knee amputees in mind. The tools are available in a 4mm and 8mm allen key for the older Osseointegration fitting, and in 5mm and 8mm for the newer fittings. Completely designed, made and distributed by local businesses in Wollongong NSW, not to mention every tool comes with a whopping 5 year warranty!

EVERY “Stumpy Steve” product will see their profits go directly towards supporting our AMPUTEE RIDE DAYS, keeping them free and accessible for as many as possible to attend.

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I am an above knee Osseointegration amputee and have just received my Stumpy Steve Osseo Tools from Roger Withers at Ability To Ride. This is a great lightweight tool that is easy to carry in your pocket or on your keyring. It is perfect for the allen screw fittings for amputees with osseointegration. Great job with design and production of a great product, I love that the profits go towards providing the free amputee ride days.
Thanks Roger,
Cheers, Tony Phillips